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【My hallucinations rewarding me with petrified comfort-苦痛-】

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» Biography/Tiểu sử/Biografie/Baiogurafi

Guten Tag kinder. Mein name isst Leonhardt~^__^ Ohayo gozaimasu! Watashi no namae wa Leonhardt-nii desu! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~O genki desuka?

I'm just a typical teen; one that feels depression, anxiety, optimism, fear and hope. I love writing and I feel it is truly my passion. I enjoy jmusic beyond words, playing horror survival video games, my friends && especially my boy-friend{: I'm an anonymous senior (CLASS OF 2012!). I hope soon, that I'm stampede the world of literature with my written pieces, and draw people into the raw emotion that I hope the readers will quickly find enjoyable, yet understandable. Anyways, I love getting constructive criticism; so please feel free to critique! Feel free to msg me for a convo! I'm a very kind person! ^___^

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Me gusta escuchar bonita musica! >www<

I have a wide taste of music: from opera to metal--I'm very open-minded about music. However, there are only a small handful of genres that annoy me to no end. (_ _;;) Jmusic will always remain my favorite!<3