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12 September 2010 @ 01:20 pm
1/?? Last Bouquet - Part Three/Side B  
Side B

The confession stayed lingering in the air, instant shock running through both Akira and his crush--Ruki. Surely it had to be a joke, the flowers, the confession, everything in general. But Ruki wasn't buying it: the serious fear, and weakness of rejection quickly consuming his face. Unless of course, he was a good actor.

But he knew this wasn't a practical joke.

Ruki could recognize fear of unrequited love when he saw it.

And unfortunately, so could the others. As soon as Uruha and the group comprehended the abnormal confession, a ripple of laughter erupted, Uruha and Aoi exchanging glances as a smirk grew on both their faces. "No friggin' way." Was all the blond could add on. The brunette's eyes snapped over the snickering friends, his own expression hardening to their blunt teasing.

"I-I know this is a bit....weird but, I thought it is necessary t-to say something because of the...t-the break and..."

"Akira, you like me? As in like admiration or..."

"Ie Matsumoto, I like you as in...I have a uh, c-crush on y-you."

The laughter from the others grew even more hearty, Aoi was finally smiling for the first time--but obviously out of cruelty. His dark eyes focused Ruki's body language, his stares which were blank, eyes blinking out of confusion. Akira on the other-hand, could have stopped the confession, he could have backed out and retreated...but then would everything he had done been a waste? Shaking off that mere thought, Akira resumed his explanation, his stuttering  become more obvious.

"I-I just really admire y-your kindness, and t-the fact that you're...real. I mean, even though I don't you well, I just f-fell for your everything." 
Ruki's stomach dropped to the absolute bottom after hearing this; his values to his old friends, and original personality won him over? So what would be the case, if Akira knew other-wise?

"I know it's completely pointless for me to even for me to try...but I'm not asking for your hand, or a relationship--because I know I-I could never be y-your type, even as a girl! B-But I wanted to show my strong admiration for y-you with t-those flowers. It took me awhile to grow them, especially t-to that condition..."

"You...you grew these on your own?"

A feeble nod was seen, Ruki intrigued by how far one would go with gifts; but flattered none-the-less. "They say roses are an iconic symbol of love...so I thought you m-might...like it." Shortly after, his gaze drifted else-where, the blush from earlier growing more vibrate. "Honestly I'm not asking for a d-date, I-I would just like f-for you to....accept them as a gift; and maybe we could be friends?"

Friendship? So even if Akira couldn't get that one person he liked, being friends--just friends, would be enough? If he was okay with it, how would the others view their innocent relationship?

Oh god...the others.

"Goodness gracious: I have never seen something so damn embarrassing before." Stated the blond, as he wiped forming tears away, all resulting from his concealed laughter. "So damn pointless, but so damn entertaining. Am I right guys?"

"Don't forget pathetic." Reminded the sadistic raven-haired beauty, nudging his other friend in the rib-cage. "Talk about a desperate loser, eh?"

To the teasing, Akira's face instantly collapsed as his burrowed in resentment. His emotions quickly panned out, as his vulnerability becoming more noticeable.

"Seriously Akira? Are you that big of a fucking loser? But I guess you can't help it, right faggot" Jeered one of the guys in the group, a roar of harsh laughter shaking the roof-top. Ruki's eyes saw in the corners of his friends, all pointing and laughing, none of them taking it easy on the insults. His eyes snapped back to Akira, whose attention stayed down at the pavement, eyes glistening with rejection. This was all so wrong: the teasing, the harassing---everything! So why was Ruki allowing this to happen? Unless of course everyone was laughing at both Akira and him! But no; that couldn't be, because these people are his friends!


"Get your faggot ass OUT OF HERE!" Threaten one of the other guys, girls cheering and breaking into uncontrollable giggles, guys wooing with encouragement--Uruha and Aoi smiling wickedly along with it.

But Akira didn't even move. No, because he was waiting for an answer from Ruki, and not once did he budge even when he realized, insubordination could result to violence.

"Oh! You think you're some fucking hard-ass just standing there? Move your fucking queer-self out of here!" Proceeding to make a point, the guy himself along with some others, began grabbing their trash and hurling it at Akira, hoping that would encourage him to leave. "Seriously, get the fuck outta here: go leave!"

Attempting to dodge the flying items, Akira scooted behind Ruki who had instinctively pulled away from him. The guys continued throwing their trash, not hesitating once to stop, even if there target uses Ruki as a shield.

"Quit hidin' you fucker loser!" They hollered louder.

"You dumb-asses need to stop: you're hitting Matsumoto!" Uruha reminded, but who couldn't help but laugh at the guy's carelessness. When their clumsy harassment deceased. Akira gently tugged the silent brunette. "Matsumoto?"

No response.

In-fact the smaller teen seemed, like he was disconnected from the present, obviously bothered by something. By no one could figure out what is was.

And Ruki was glad it was like that, if the group knew how badly his emotions were creating a conflict for him: that would have shown doubt, and his ass would have been booted out instantly, So the question was, what exactly was the puzzled brunette to do? He's never been confessed to someone of same gender, or by anyone a matter of fact. But more importantly, has the proper way to go about this? And would the others approve?


The calling of his name startled him, finally realizing he was still standing in the exact same spot, emotionless.

"Matsumoto, would you ever consider being my friend?"

Just as much as the others, everyone witnessing the exchange of words were anticipating something, anything harsh from the brunette. However all had their doubts, thinking Ruki wasn't capable of it. Ruki was aware of their doubts, and came to a conclusion of what he had to do. Now was the moment that would make, or break him: so what would be his choice?

"...Matsumoto?" Akira repeated once more, his ambition diminishing by this point. Ruki's body language remained untouched, until a moment after did he actually move his body and the bouquet. Studying the flowers once more, a heavy sigh escaped Ruki's tight lips, eye-lids shutting in weariness. Head slowly shaking in disagreement, Ruki's arms fell by his side, bouquet dropping by quickly. I"m sorry Akira, I can't accept this, or your love." He gently spoke, his eyes focused on the tiny cracks that ran on the pavement.

"O-Oh....w-well that's okay..." Akira's body slumped as it loosened up from the building climax. During the small exchange, the group did not once back away, Uruha focusing on Ruki intently.

Ruki's hand remained still at his side, the bouquet in his grip, and although he had verbally reacted to the repeated question, his mentality wasn't catching up with him. Regardless of that, he had to act upon this crucial moment.

It was now or never.

"I can't accept these things for many reasons Akira."

"H-Hai, I understand."

"You see, that's the thing---you actually don't." A smug grin plastered on Ruki's face, which shocked the others by his sarcasm of that act, and his inner motives. "You said a bouquet of roses are the iconic symbol of love, ne? That is true, but love should be shared between a man and a woman: not between the same genders."

Widen eyes full of confusion stared back at Ruki, utterly perplexed at his sudden attitude change. "W-What?"

"I didn't stutter did I? I'll repeat again, love should be between what God intended it to be like. Did you honestly think I'd accept this? What do you think I am, a faggot like yourself?" The group broke into silent chortles, all glancing at one another in complete disbelief. "Seriously Akira, there are some things you should keep to your fucking self, oaky?"

Fear suddenly washed his face, eyes beginning to water. "M-Matsumoto?"

"Oh please, don't 'Matsumoto' me! What are you trying to go for, eh? Sympathy?" Forcefully shoving the bouquet into Akira's chest, it was strong enough for him to land painfully on the pavement, the group laughing more heavy to Akira's facial expression all encouraging for Ruki to continue. Aoi and Uruha were taken back by his new found rage, Aoi believing his bluntness was facade--Uruha starting to grow accustomed to Ruki's current behavior. "Well, I'll be damned."

"What in your deranged friggin' mind, suggested you to open your mouth and embarrass me like this?! Honestly Akira, if you actually liked me that much, you would have thought about how this will ruin my reputation!"

"M-Matsumoto, y-you never cared about that at all..." Akira replied barely above a whisper, attempting to control the quivering of his voice.

"Well then you surely don't know me at all." He stated, irritation at his relentlessness seeping out. This wasn't suppose to be happening---Akira knew better than to believe this: this wasn't the Matsumoto spitting these harsh words at him. But why was it that his crush, was being a polar opposite? "I-I do know you...this isn't you."

"AHA!~" Loudly chuckling with bitterness, Ruki rested both hands on his hips as he bent down to get a better look at Akira. "Just because you stalk me, and watch my every move doesn't mean you know me."
Akira's response hitched in his throat, and not once did he stand up, or move slightly. Afraid of what Ruki or the others might do if he fled, he remained as still as a stone, trying to keep his irritating replies to a minimum. "I-I would never inv-vade your privacy like that, I swear!"

"Bull....shit." Ruki strongly articulated between gritted teeth. "I don't think you seem to understand how insanely fucking annoying, this whole confession is on MY account." Rubbing his temples in believable agitation, Ruki sighed sharply, gathering any left-over resentment for Akira's kind. "I don't care how much damn grief, this is going to cause for you. But remember I don't seriously give a shit, so if there is one thing you're capable of--do me a damn favor, and open your ears!"

Giving the only moment of silence, for the others watching to sink this all in: Ruki finished up the last humiliating statements. Uruha getting a giant kick out of it.

"Listen up good, okay?"

Akira weakly nodded, tears welling up in his confused eyes.

"I will never be your friend, I will never be your boy-friend, I will never be your anything! And the fact that something possessed you to admitting you like me, really fucking pisses me off. Honestly, keep that personal shit to yourself."
The frozen teen slightly nodded, knowing this verbal abuse wasn't going to end anytime soon.

"I seriously don't care how much you like me, I'll never like a faggot like you. So you can go run to your little friends, and sob and mope about how you didn't get the one you like: but you better not go around, and blab about who your crush is. If I hear that you tarnished my reputation, I'm going to break all your fucking teeth." Ruki warned, raising his clenched left fist for emphasizes. "And I fucking swear, if I ever catch you staring at me, or even glancing in my direction--"

Leaning close to the frighten teen, his eyes narrowed, lips pulling into a curl. "I'll beat the living shit out of you. Got it?"

Brushing his forehand against his closed eyes, Akira nodded in understanding, tears running down his cheeks. "I-I'm s-sorry Matsumoto..." Staring straight into his lap, eyes falling onto the scattered petals of his bouquet. "P-Please forgive me."

Witnessing the other grader in such a fragile moment, he felt his stomach churning with nausea, head crowding with guilt. He's never had the will-power to break someone down before, and seeing the burden his words caused made him swarm with regret. Was hurting another human-being worth the popularity?

Not being able to face Akira in misery, Ruki turned around to face the others, not having to fake his anger anymore. Ruki stared straight ahead, his piercing glare startling everyone. "Lets go." Walking towards his belongings, he started putting various items away--all eyes glued on him. Noticing that no one was budging an inch, his hand forcefully slammed his fists against his back pack, repeating himself with revolted anger. "I said 'Lets go'!"

"YOU HEARD THE MAN: LETS MOVE IT!~" The blond spoke, immediately standing up as a smile spread upon his lips, at Ruki's assertiveness. To Uruha's reminder, the group instantly grabbed their back packs, all snickering at Akira's embarrassment, a clamor stirring up. Shortly after, some started making their way off of the roof-top, nodding in approval at Ruki's behavior to his confession. But not once did he acknowledge them; he continued the drag the process of readjusting his back pack straps, and putting binders into it for as long as he could.

Aoi being one of the last people to follow out, he made his way to the swinging door before pausing for a brief moment to glance over at the busy brunette. Conveniently, their eyes met. "What the fuck are you lookin' at Aoi?"

Taken back by Ruki's sudden aggression towards him, his thin eye-brows perked, wide eyes continue to stare at the crouched brunette. "Nothing, nothing at all." Proceeding to walk out, the heavy metal door slammed closed, the lock clicking into place. Now the only ones left on the isolated roof-top were Ruki, Uruha and Akira. By this point, the standing blond swung his back pack behind him, his gakuran jacket properly uniformed on him.

"Ch, that dumb-ass who brought the cake earlier, forgot to grab it on the way out." Reaching down to grab it, Ruki soon heard the pitter patter of foot steps approach him. "You almost done?"

"Yeah, gimme a second."
Groaning in unsatisfaction, Uruha then faced Akira, who was drying off rolling tears, and began gathering the scattered petals together to discard.

"Well...today's been productive. Celebration, humiliation ll in one lunch, eh?"

Ignoring Uruha's comment, Ruki continued stalling to finish packing everything up. A light chuckle stirred the air, Uruha opening the boxed left-overs, his index finger swooping in at the frosting. Bringing it towards his mouth, he quickly licked it off, sighing in content. After savoring the frosting long enough, he made his way over to Akira's direction, sensing another bundle of fear rush back to him. Stopping his routine, he dropped all that he had collected, and painstakingly pulled his head up. To the sight of puffy eyes, and vibrate red nose, the towering blond scoffed, brunette eyes rolling to the back to his head. "Nice screw-up today faggot."

"...." Head dropping back down, Akira's trembling hands had difficulty picking up the scattered petals as he felt Uruha's stare at him intensify. "Aww~look at you tryin' to suck it up, and not answer it. You must think you're a big boy now, huh?"

The speed of Akira cleaning quicken, as he yearned to leave and hide out of sight. "Y'know Aki, you're very lucky you didn't confess that seriously to me. You wanna known why? Well c'mon, don't stay that silent--that will piss me off~"

"Why Uruha...?"

"Good boy! Well, if you must know: I'd beat you into the fucking pavement, if you dare embarrass me. And you know what else?"

An absolute silent shake of the head was seen, Ruki peering over his shoulder to see what Uruha was up to.

"I'll repeat myself Akira: do you know what else I'd do beside beat you up?" He questioned again, grip on the cake's box tightening, nails scrapping against the corners.

"Y-You'd beat m-me more?"

"AHAHA--so naive, so ignorant. You see Akira, since I enjoy being a giant prick: I'd have to inflict some mental pain as well."

Eyes of both Akira and Ruki's widen at his statement, Ruki keeping his back to them, his ears hearing Akira gulp heavily. Waiting to see the tension build up in Akira's body, Uruha's thin lips formed into a smug smile, one foot lifting slightly off the ground. Catching the action of his foot, Akira frightfully pulled back, while his eyes welled up again at what could happen in the next few moments. "W-Wait Uruha, w-what----"

"Whoops!~" He interrupted, sarcastically apologizing as he foot collided hard with Akira's chest, throwing him defenseless onto his back, a loud whimper slipping out. Akira's hand instantly started soothing the are with the strongest impact, back horribly aching and stinging with agony. Tears were starting to pry through his sealed eye-lids, and just when it couldn't get worse: he heard the sound of a box opening, his widen eyes flinging open.

"My fucking bad." Before fully realizing what was going to happen, Akira's blurred vision caught a hold of the group's desert sliding towards him, and right when he could have moved, he felt Uruha's same powerful leg hold him down--directly on the chest. Akira then felt the cold icing smothering against his eye-lids, chunks of cake sliding down his wet cheek, then proceeding to hit his lap---tainting both his outfit and his bouquet.

"Man, I'm so fuckin' clumsy: please forgive me!~" Uruha bitterly and sarcastically pleaded, carelessly tossing the box conveniently over Akira's head as he began to laugh uncontrollably. Turning himself to Ruki's direction, he started walking again seeing that his friend had already finished. "Lunch is about to end: lets leave this idiot to himself." Patting Ruki on the back, Uruha glanced over to the teen covered in left-overs. "Why don't you do Ruki a favor, and die in a fucking hole?" Following his suggestion, Uruha chuckled heavily again, making his way out the door.

Ruki was near the handle when he decided to pause for a brief moment, eyes slowly moving to the corner. And there Akira was, in complete emotional and physical pain--utterly humiliated and left to suffer alone. He had gone too far; this was something Ruki couldn't fix with sincere apologies, or with sympathy. And although Ruki could have gone over and tried to comfort him, something inside of him resisted.

"I'm so, so sorry...just please forgive me." He barely whispered, then finally left the roof-top: Akira's cries lingering in Ruki's head.
A/N: Holy Jesus, I finally finished the prologue!~I feel very accomplished, and I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. But I do feel real bad, for having to put Akira through all this pain ]: It's actually pretty sad how hateful people can be, towards homosexuals. And what about Ruki? How is he now in the present? Is the 'popular' group still the same, or maybe...Again, you would have to read the next chapters to see any progression. I think you guys will be surprise to see the relationship between Uru, Ru and Aoi in the present. So just a little comment about the prologue...god, so much I could say about the beginning. First, I put much blood and sweat and lack of sleep, but I think I managed to convey the feelings of unrequited love, unacceptability ect. pretty well. ._.; Anyways, please comment & lemme know your thoughts! Long comments are heavily appreciated♥ (´∀`*)v

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connoisseur of sparkles °☆.。.:*・“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”: Reita - The gazettEshadow_fictions on September 16th, 2010 09:17 pm (UTC)
*spots here too. * ^^
connoisseur of sparkles °☆.。.:*・“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”: Reita ~ REDshadow_fictions on September 16th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
aww that was harsh. poor Akira. > <" for Ruki to throw away himself and to conform to what he wants to be popular...

*hugs reita*

cant wait for more :D
» {ライオン} ♪: aoix_keiosu on September 16th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
D': Ugh I know huh?
Reita needs to be loved at this point, but yeah ty for reading! :3

I'm glad you enjoyed it~
» {ライオン} ♪: eunhyukx_keiosu on September 16th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
yaaay for being a first!~lmao x3
Elilimaccia_san on September 16th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
Oh my D: so sad. Poor Akira needs a huge hug now *goes to give him one*.
Very well written and wow that was a long prologue o__o!
But we're getting into the story now and it's seems interesting :D
Can't wait to read more!!
» {ライオン} ♪: advent childrenx_keiosu on September 16th, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
Give him big bear hugs~:3
Thanks! & I know! XDD But it was real hard, for me to have it short. I couldn't really leave anything out :\ If you can tell, I had to have some progression in a 4 part prologue! o_o;

Yaay~Thanks for reading dear^__^
Emmaemmzidance on September 17th, 2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
OMFG....O.O seriust I love you for this one girl!!! <3
Pleas post next cap soon~! Love you so much for this one =D
Today I hade a really bad day but your fanfic made my day pleas send soon can't wait longer! :) *looking at my phone whit big eays* *slamming Ruki in the head whit a shoe and hugs Reita tight* keep it up
» {ライオン} ♪: DJ SiSeNx_keiosu on September 17th, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
Aw thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!~
I am trying to get myself to start the first chapter XD
But currently, I'm facing writer's block >:
But I'm super glad & flattered my fan fic made you feel better! ^ ^
Even if it's angst full over-all :p
LULZ, your actions are funny! But ty, I will keep it up~
shouchanin_bloom81 on September 17th, 2010 04:16 pm (UTC)
Uru & Aoi you homophobic bastards!! I hope you two fall in love with burly stinky men and get awarded best gay-couples award in future!
Uru is just plain conceited dick-head type.. but Aoi..i get the feeling he’s more clever than uru.. not sure if he has any important role in future but something about him still makes me feel like though he id mean he is smarter than the others. And he might also have a guess that Ruki was faking the thing.. whereas Uru is just too dumb.

Ruki…I know he’s weak but I can’t hate him cause I understand his situation..
But I think he went overboard by the way he talked with Aki. If he’d just shrugged and said ‘it’s not possible’ it would still be ‘cool~’ (whatever)
That was too harsh..
Oh well *grins* Ruki will pay for this someday muahahahaha
And yeah he’s already suffering abit.. very few things hurt as much as a guilty conscience .__.

I’ll be honest I was already quite scared of this chapter ~ but this had to happen o the main story to start *more excited now*
» {ライオン} ♪: deviant artx_keiosu on September 17th, 2010 08:01 pm (UTC)
LMAO XD That was the funniest thing I read today!<3
And Uru is pretty egotistical, as oppose to Aoi who is a bit of a silent ass. So does Uruha actually find out Ru was faking? & If he did know, why didn't he say anything? Perhaps he was okay with Ruki doing all of that, just to hang with them.
But you'll find that out later, along with whether or not Aoi plays an important role! -suspenseful music- o;

& yes, shrugging it would have been fine, but Ru felt it was necessary to do it-since Uru & Aoi have such a hate for homosexuals. o_e;;
RUKI SHALL PAY, and you'll be surprise as to what karma did in return.
& Same, my conscience kinda glued it's mouth closed ・。・;

Well, I'm glad I got you anticipating for the worse(so to speak). But yeah, this is all warming up your angst full mind, for MORE angst full...stuff. >w>??
shouchanin_bloom81 on September 18th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
lol at first i was gonna say 'Uru and Aoi you homophobes I hope you end up with each other..' and as soon as i typed it i was like ' o_O waittaminute~ I'm super-mad at those jerks and wishing them to end up with each other isn't even misfortune =_= and it sounds like 'oh i wanna see those hot guys together *yaoi fangirl squeal* ' so yeah i cursed them to fall in love with burly, stinky men instead (which none of us , including me, really want to see )
aah yes aoi is the 'silent ass type' as you said , exactly~
I think aoi might not be 100% sure if Ruki is faking it or not but he does have a hunch. And even if he knows ruki is faking it there is no reason why someone like aoi should stop him right? rather I think aoi found the whole situation very amusing ..amusing in a different sense than why uru found it so. Uru is amused just cause reita's 'fagottry' and ruki's mean treatment of him gave him entertainment.. But Aoi might be amused not just cause of reita but also cause he has an idea of ruki's real situation .. Whereas uru is dumb enough to be proud of his new mate's behaviour , aoi might be smart enough not to find ruki's new behaviour that convincing.

I can sooo anticipate Ruki's going to have it rough *grins* I just want to see how that happens ^_______^ ..his inner turmoil and mainly i am curious about Reita's present personality and what makes ruki attracted to him at present.

yeah yeah it's okay ^^ I've no problem with angst at all especially cause you write it so naturally & everything is so frightfully convincing .

aah and i forgot to mention before that like everyone I feel very sorry for Akira. ..the mental and physical humiliation ..T__T If ruki rejected him that's something else but this was too cruel . I know uru was extremely inhuman to akira , but i think ruki hurt him way ..waaaay more. I wonder how big a scar this incident will leave on him...
» {ライオン} ♪: advent childrenx_keiosu on September 19th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
lololol xD; Having them end up with each-other. . .would be a fan-girl's dream :P
But again, we'll see the development of those particular characters later. Thanks for the long comment: it gives me something nice and thought0ful to read!~<3
I hope you enjoy the short, next chapter. xwx;;
Anna Victoria: How did we get herechokladvanilj on September 17th, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC)
That was really, really good!
They were so cruel towards him, I can never understand why people does these things..anyway.
I really wanna' know what's going to happen now when they meet again!
Love this fic <33
» {ライオン} ♪: kpopx_keiosu on September 17th, 2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
TY! :D
I'm super happy that you along with others, enjoyed reading it!
People are odd creatures :\
I could never understand them for my life. But they are in-deed cruel.
Well, they'll eventually meet---but it might turn out much differently, than what people expected!
Thank you for loving this fan fic! ^ ^ ♥