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24 June 2010 @ 05:43 pm
Angel's Deception - 1/1 [Drabble]  
Angel's Deception
Author: x_keiosu 
Fandom: the GazettE♥
Pairing: AoiXKai...er in this case KaiXAoi xD;
Genre: Crack, Humor and Romance: what else to expect?
Rating: PG
Warning: BxB love, kissing, mild language, AU & Un-beta shit
Disclaimer: I don't own them D; They own the hearts of many loyal Jrock fans.
Summary: With such an angelic smile, innocent personality, and his tendency to care and mother others--it was pretty hard for me, to believe angels have a dark side to them. So how do you think I reacted, to find that Kai is one of those 'angels'?
Status: Finished~
Part: 1/1

A/N: I was feeling the inspiration to write a drabble, before I finished 'Rennt hier mit Liebe'. x3 Talk about impatient! This short piece of fan fiction, is in-fact a sequel to that Reituki fan fic--that can be found here. However, it's not necessary for you to read it, in order to read this drabble: 'Angel's Deception' is pretty self-explanatory~(>www<) o Anyways, enjoy this kyoot boy on boy luffin', starring Aoi & Kai, Aoi's POV on the ReitaXRuki situation after-wards. Owo; Aoi-san is basically feeling in-love himself! ;> READ IT, and you'll understand~Comments are loved<33 8DDD

Angel's Deception

+++++ +++++
After all the drama between Rei and Dai, rumors about Ru's girlfriend horrible behavior with other guys--the two successfully got together, with complete emotional support for everyone of us guys.

Uruha was beyond ecstatic for their new relationship, and happy that his pep talk worked, and that Reita had balls to actually confess. Kai never seemed more excited, for their new-found happiness and love. I on the other hand, was immensely happy for them...and slightly jealous for both Ruki and Reita.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy for the two of them---but I always yearned for the feeling of true love, or at-least to have my feelings returned like what Reita got. Yes! I am experiencing what you called "un-requited love".

With the heart-throb none other than Kai.

But if you're wondering how long I've had feelings for him, trust me it's been awhile. But of course, me being me: I'm acting un-interested, when my mind is constantly filled with him.

Kai cooking, Kai giggling, Kai pouting, Kai undressing...

But uh...it seems I've fallen for a polar opposite, a complete opposite. Kai happens to be sweet as pie, innocent like a school girl--and all that alone, just made me more attracted to the dimple smiling cutie.

Besides, he's an angel! I could never taint his mind, with the lustful things I've been dreaming of.

Angels don't have that side to them...or so I thought.
+++++ +++++
My theory was proven wrong one after-noon, when him and I were sitting his room, Kai working on our history project--and I was bored, day-dreaming mindlessly.

About Kai, who else?

But let me tell you, pretending to be uninterested when your crush is oh so close to you, is by far the hardest thing. And dang, is he freakin' cute! There Kai is, sitting criss-crossed, school binder on his lap, pencil in hand, and he's making this real cute thinking face. But then suddenly, I felt bad because he's doing all the work! Well, I can't work until my belly is satisfied.

"Kaiii~kun, can you make more gyoza?My tummy keeps talking to me!~"

"In a bit Aoi-san." He mumbled robotically, eyes darting from the history text-book back to his current note-cards. Rolling my eyes with a smirk on my face, I went back to staring at that working cutie. Truth be told, I wasn't really hungry: I just wanted to see Kai's adorable ass sway left to right, to left, to right...mhm~


"EH?!~" That sounded too frantic, didn't it? STUPID AOI---Kai probably saw me staring at him. Heh~too obvious, eh? "Uh..." Flipping my hair back casually, I averted eye-contact, only hoping I would stop freakin' blushing. Kai just stared back, raising one eye-brow as he closed his text-book.

Shoot, he's going to smack me for being weird: I feel those cute brown eyes dilling holes into my head.

But instead...in the corner of my eyes, I see Kai crawling towards me, leaning over and...and oh man, he's going to threaten me or---

Without even waiting for my response, he just--holy crap, he's kissing me. His lips on mines, my lips on his, pressing up against me and oh man--am I dreaming this? Is this actually happening; has my desires really been answered? Well NO, that can't be it! Kai is too innocent for that, isn't he? I didn't get enough time to think this thoroughly before he pulled back. Kai was already giving me, his famous dimple smile before adding something to that surprise kiss.

"Aoi-san, if  you actually help me out---I'll give you more, than just gyoza." Flashing a quick wink, he giggled lightly while resuming our history project. My eyes flickering over to the closed text-book. "Y'know--" I started while flipping back, to the page from earlier and jotted down spark notes.

"I wouldn't mind doing work now."
+++++ +++++
And ever since then, I've never judged anyone by their cover. I mean look at what me assuming Kai being innocent got me into! The kissing part I don't object to, hell that was amazing, but you can never just assume anything about anyone. I guess the whole lesson to this whole thing, even the most innocent, dimple smiling angels have their dark side.

Hell, not that I'm complaining.
A/N: bhahaha, this was fun to write, and just straight up humorous for me!~Now Gazetto fans, what have we learned? Even the innocent cuties like Kai--have a perverted side to them! (=ww=)a OH C'MON, you know Kai CAN be naughty--don't let the dimples fool you. X3 Either way, I hope you enjoyed this shortish drabble~Comments are loved♥ 8DDD

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» {ライオン} ♪: Gacktx_keiosu on July 1st, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)

Kai really is the cutest, I plan to write more on this pairing!♥
I love the AoixKai pairing: I think those two are mad kawaii! (>www>)
D`aaaw, I'm glad you thought it was cute~And yes, dorky Aoi and sweet Kai is in-deed adorable!
Thank for reading!
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» {ライオン} ♪: Takerux_keiosu on July 1st, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)

x///X That photo is amazing~I've seen it plenty times!
I really love this one as well:

Because Aoi-san basically humps him so~

d'aaw, really? ;ww; I was actually thinking of writing a multi-chapter on the pairing--but the question is what would be the story plot...?
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪: rukix_keiosu on July 2nd, 2010 06:45 pm (UTC)
YEEEES, I love that hug to death~
Hmm, yes I could always use that. >__>;
I tend to make plots that people would never think of. lol

I would just have to think, on how I would specifically go about that.
Tbh, I'm getting slightly tired of high-school AUs. (v___v);;
Maybe I'll just make a short multi-chapter fan fikku for you of course!~=DD
But let me think on it, I'll get back to you though. XDD
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪: Sephirothx_keiosu on July 3rd, 2010 02:34 pm (UTC)

>__< It can be a bit of a hassle. But yeah: why not? 8DD
I kinda already have an idea for the AoixKai fan fikku! >ww>
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪x_keiosu on July 3rd, 2010 07:57 pm (UTC)
MHM! ^___^
I'll start on it right away! >o<
Ok, after my dad gives me back my phone--I can't write with no Gazetto.
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪x_keiosu on July 4th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
D`AW, thank you!
Idk, he was using it for whatever reasons.
But I'll start soon, when I post my Reituki drawing~
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪: cosplayerx_keiosu on July 5th, 2010 03:06 pm (UTC)
lol, the worst thing he would find would be pictures of me of my lip pierced.
And no, he didn't. :P
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪: Takerux_keiosu on July 5th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
lmao, it only hurts after wards--when you're lip is like swollen beyond comprehension.
(Deleted comment)
» {ライオン} ♪x_keiosu on July 6th, 2010 02:18 pm (UTC)
yeah >___>;;
Amy26o_clock on July 13th, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
i soo second that. the world needs so much more kaixaoi D: dammit
» {ライオン} ♪: DJ SiSeNx_keiosu on July 13th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
The world does! >.<
I'll try working on a AoiXKai series c:
Amy26o_clock on July 13th, 2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
first it's reituki, and now kaixaoi? x'D you like, write 'bout my all-time favorite pairings ♥ this is going straight into my faves too <3
» {ライオン} ♪: SuGx_keiosu on July 13th, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
^-^ ~♥
I love all pairings~lmao.
Reituki is my OTP, but yes: AoiXKai is amazing~
yaaah :D Thank you for reading, and saving it into your favorites~
Pippapippal on August 21st, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
» {ライオン} ♪x_keiosu on August 21st, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC)
=DD Ty love!
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