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05 June 2010 @ 03:30 pm
Literature Archive;  
All written pieces of literature, work and/or art is created by x_keiosu   Until noted other-wise. Another Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the bands, and the reserved characters until further notice~

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Please be respectful, and do not edit or take with permission. Give credit where credit is due!! Feel free to comment, tell your friends, or just spread the love of my Archive to others! Another thing I must point out: this works may contain yaoi(homosexual love). If you are against such things, please hit the ← button; I do not put up with ignorant bullshit, nor bashing of sexual orientations. Danke<3

-If you would like to read my written work, click on the titles of the stories for one-shots, along with drabbles, poems, and drawings. If you're skimming through multi-chapters, then click on the numbers for each chapter! 8DD-

You can't deny `Jongkey` ♥!


Rennt hier mit Liebe
Author: -Ahem- Me.
Fandom: Gazetto!
Pairing: ReitaXRuki(Reituki)
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, High-school AU and Romance.
Rating: PG-13(At worst, sorry nothing graphic :p)
Warning: BxB love, teenage angst, awful fluff. Un-beta shizzle--Slight self-mutilation, strong language, AU & possible OOC behavior! o:
Disclaimer: I don't own Gazetto or PS Company: it's the opposite. ;3
Summary: This heavy pounding that beats, with my every breath--is this the result of a broken heart? Or perhaps the kind and gentle, warmth love Reita shows? Despite the true reason, I'll always feel safe within his embrace. Where ever my mind may be, where ever my desires might throw me: I'll always run back to the security, of his arms, with this new found love.
Status: Finished!
Part: 1/1


Angel's Deception
Author: ME!~
Fandom: the GazettE♥
Pairing: AoiXKai...er in this case KaiXAoi xD;
Genre: Crack, Humor and Romance: what else to expect?
Rating: PG
Warning: BxB love, kissing, mild language, AU & Un-beta shit
Disclaimer: I don't own them D; They own the hearts of many loyal Jrock fans.
Summary: With such an angelic smile, innocent personality, and his tendency to care and mother others--it was pretty hard for me, to believe angels have a dark side to them. So how do you think I reacted to, to find that Kai is one of those 'angels'?
Status: Finished~
Part: 1/1



Multiple Chapters

Last Bouquet
Author: Me!
Fandom: ガゼット♥
Pairing: ReitaXRuki
Genre: Angst, drama, fluff, high-school AU, romance
Rating: R
Warning: BxB love, tobacco use, language, slash, un-beta
Disclaimer: The gaze-rock boys own themselves. (  ` д´)*ノ
Summary: A love confession involving a bouquet of red crimson roses, was the earliest memory of bitter-sweet love Ruki could recollect; a bitter-sweet one-sided confession, from someone of the same gender. Young and naive Ruki receiving this confession, automatically rejected the other grader's love--brutally and unsympathetically, all to keep and impress his 'friends'. After seeing the anguish of the other grader's broken heart: Ruki could never live down, the tears and misery it brought his admirer. Nearly seven years after, he had already lost all contact with the other mysterious grader. That is until, Ruki suspects that the newest acquaintance he has befriended, is the one he turned down many years ago. The two now growing closer than expected: how will Ruki be able to confess, that he was the ungrateful bastard that caused him his pro-longed misery?
Status: Ongoing
Parts: 2/??

Prologue/Part 1 | Prologue/ Part 2 | Prologue/ Part 3 - Side A, Side B | Chapter One |

Cosplay favor
Author: Muah~
Fandom: the GazettE
Pairing: ReitaXRuki
Genre: High-school AU, Humor, Romance, and Smut
Rating: R→NC-17(Over-all)
Warning: BxB love, cross-dressing(later chapters), smut(later as well), strong language~
Disclaimer: Once again, I don't own the Gazeboys; they own themselves, and Ruki owns the school-girl outfit Rei shopped for >///<;
Summary: One of high-school's biggest sporting events is just around the corner, all students pepped for the upcoming soccer game. Reita and his team has been training vigorously, in hope for the country championship. Problem is, the team has the abnormal superstition, that without 100% support from love ones--it'll end in complete failure. As a result, each player has their own personal cheer-leader. Sadly for Reita, he doesn't have one himself...but then he remembers, he has a loyal best-friend named Ruki...
Status: Hiatus
Parts: 2/??

{01} | {02}


Reila Potrait
Cigarette Embrace

With my other entries, there are personal experiences, so some may be friend locked--only due to the privacy of some info. I will warn you, I will not be light with my language; and I try to lighten up on my profanity, but sometimes my anger just gets out of hand. There might be some topics that you won't enjoy: I'll warn you before-hand, so you're not jaw dropped shocked. So enjoy my mini rants, and little journal entries. ♥
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