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02 September 2010 @ 08:30 pm
1/?? Last Bouquet - Part Three/Side A  
Last Bouquet
Author: x_keiosu 
Fandom: ガゼット~
Pairing: ReitaXRuki
Genre: Angst, drama, fluff, high-school AU, romance
Rating: R
Warning: BxB love, tobacco use, language, slash, un-beta shizzle
Disclaimer: The gaze-rock boys own themselves. ( ` д´)*ノ
Summary: A love confession involving a bouquet of red crimson roses, was the earliest memory of bitter-sweet love Ruki could recollect; a bitter-sweet one-sided confession, from someone of the same gender. Young and naive Ruki receiving this confession, automatically rejected the other grader's love--brutally and unsympathetically, all to keep and impress his 'friends'. After seeing the anguish of the other grader's broken heart: Ruki could never live down, the tears and misery it brought his admirer. Nearly seven years after, he had already lost all contact with the other mysterious grader. That is until, Ruki suspects that the newest acquaintance he has befriended, is the one he turned down many years ago. The two now growing closer than expected: how will Ruki be able to confess, that he was the ungrateful bastard that caused him his pro-longed misery?
Status: Ongoing
Parts: 1/??

A/N: Part three! The long ending of the prologue! This is in-deed the part of which the summary is deprived from, so there will be some heart-breaking and heart-ache, and angst. This chapter is to me, when the real teenage drama and emotion starts to churn and develop. After this part, expect to be thrown into the present time of 'Last Bouquet', & occasionally there will be flash-backs--but I'll let you know before hand to save confusion. >_>; Anyways, enough rambling for me; enjoy the last part of the prologue~!( *´ ▽ ` )ノ

Last Bouquet

+++++ +++++
Returning back to the roof top, Ruki found everyone still sitting in their original positions, all talking amongst themselves. Hearing the door open and close, the others head turned back, smiles forming on the faces of those who couldn't start eating their desert. "Matsumoto!" They greeted simultaneously, Uruha reached towards him for the utensils. "Domo arigato buddy."

"No problem Uruha-san." Sitting down near the others, Ruki pulled his plate from earlier onto his lap, his fork digging into the fluffy interior, bringing the piece into his mouth. Chewing it thoroughly, the flavors of the cake sank in, eyes widening in discomfort as he paused his chewing. Grabbing a few napkins, Ruki softly gagged, spitting the remaining taste, shuddering with nausea.

"Ehh? What's wrong with the cake?" The guy who brought the pastry asked, intrigued by Ruki's sudden disapproval.

"There strawberries in this cake, aren't there?"

"Uh...I think so I'm sorry, are you allergic them?"

"Huh, I wish: I just really, really, really hate strawberries."

"Oh gomen ne Matsumoto, I didn't know! " Bowing slightly, Ruki kindly bowed back which allowed the other grader to continue eating. Scoffing loudly, Aoi caught the attention of Uruha, Ruki and few others who were listening. Breaking the mood of the conversation, Aoi started on another rude comment, causing Uruha to stop eating, forcefully setting down his plate, only expecting the worst.

"Of course you wouldn't know, if Matsumoto is allergic to strawberries. We barely knew the damn guy, and Uruha brings him in without notice. How the hell are we suppose to know?"

Breathing sharply, Uruha slammed his stack of binders to catch the others attention. "Seriously Aoi? Drop your shit okay? I'm sick and tired of hearing you, complaining all the damn time!"

"Well maybe if you didn't---"

The sound of a door-nob turning abruptly interrupted the bickering two, as the group's attention snapped to the opening door, all wondering who would be entering into their haven at this time. Eyes fixed on the entrance, the heavy metal door pushing forward revealing an unidentified student, who was searching for something on the opposite of the  roof-top. "Hello, Matsumoto are you up here?"

Raising his eye-brows in confusion, Ruki studied the unknown grader, attempting to remember if he knew him. Students within Uruha's group all exchanged question glances, all wondering the same thing as Ruki.

"Matsumoto, are you up he-----" Pausing his calling, the student unexpectedly found Uruha's friends instead, stomach dropping in fear--his face bluntly showing it. "Oh...uhm. S-Sorry, wrong place!" He shakily reassured, words running into each-other like a slur. Quickly bolting for the door, Uruha stood up and took his time walking to the clumsy student, calling for his attention before he could leave.

"Now wait a minute,"

Tensing up to the sound of the blond's voice, the student's grasp on the door-nob tighten, gulping in anxiety at what could happen next.

"Do you honestly thing you can come in, and leave as you please?"

"Uhm...it's my bad, I'm at the wrong place."

"Funny, you called out 'Matsumoto' and whaddayah know, there's a kid up here with the same last name. How many guys are there, with the same name, eh?"

"Uh, quite a few actually."

"Tch, my point is--I hardly doubt you're at the wrong place. I mean, how did you know to look here, for a Matsumoto?"

Couching nervously the other grader stuttered an 'I don't know' response, receiving a few scoffs from the others watching.

"Now, what business do you have with him?"

"O-Oh, t-that's sorta a uh...um, personal issue Uruha-san."

"Personal issue eh? Well I don't know if you know this but: anything that goes on in his life, or has to do with him concerns us as well. So what is it, are you having problems with him?"

"N-NO!~That's definitely not the issue! I just er...y-y'know what, I'll just uh, come back at a more convenient time." Attempting to get out of sight, Uruha caught a hold of the hook-strap of his backpack, forcefully pulling him into spitting distance. "Just where the hell do you think you're going? Did everything I just say, go into one ear and out the other? I'll repeat once more: any shit you need to tell him, you've got to tell us as well." The agitated blond reminded, grip on the others back pack tightening. "Who the hell are you anyways?"

"Oh, m-me? Uhm, I'm uh..."

"Uruha," Breaking into Uruha's further interrogation, Ruki stood up walking towards the two, Uruha's grip loosening slightly to his interference. "I got this." Ruki spoke again.

To the three word reassurance, a heavy burden lifted from the unknown grader's shoulder, a sigh of relief following. Angered mahogany eyes snapped back to the eased teen, Uruha's grasp tightening which resulted in the other grader tensing up again. "Uruha, I said I got this." The brunette repeated softly. Slowing releasing his grip, Uruha's hand casually fell by sides, flipping his hair back to stare at Ruki clearly. "You sure? I can kick his ass if you want?"

Dashing for the exit again, Uruha rapidly stepped forward, grabbing and forcibly pulling back the anxious teen, which caused him to squeak in fear. "'Cause seriously man, I would have no problem doin' it."

"It's okay Uru, I can handle it."

Before releasing him again, Uruha mumbled a threat between gritted teeth. "Run again, and I'll slam your head against the pavement." Seeing the other nodding in understanding, Uruha completely let go--preparing to lunge any moment. After a few seconds of observing the other teen, Uruha began walking back to his friends, all still watching the intruder carefully and mumbling about it to others. Allowing himself to get comfortable, the blond resumed relaxing while intently tuning into Ruki's conversation with the other grader.

It wasn't until after the teen heard the descending of foot steps, did the shaky grader turn around to confront the brunette. Both eyes locking, the other teen's sigh hitched in his throat. This was in-deed their first time, the two had a good look at each-other despite the older teen knowing Ruki. And to his surprise, the other grader didn't seem close to what he imagined him to look like.

Considering the fact that the brunette's eye-sight wasn't the best, the other grader was actually...handsome.

The teen was a bit taller than Ruki, midnight black hair that came down to his shoulders, bangs parted and brushing against his pale skin. Thin lips which tighten into a straight line, as he watch Ruki study him. Redirecting his eyes else where, the other teen coughed nervously, scratching his head while moving back. "Uh, h-hi Matsumoto."


Another silent pause occurred between the two, Ruki's eyes snapped over to Uruha's direction--all carrying their conversation, but still tuning into Ruki's with the others. Realizing that their talk would not go anywhere, with the uncomfortable atmosphere, Ruki walked towards the opposite side of the roof top, waving the other to approach him. "It'll be more private over here."

"Ahaha, yeah: I kind of wanted some." Chuckling out of relief, Ruki's somewhat harden expression lightened, to innocent laughter, a small grin forming in response. "So what's up? How can I help you...uh...gomen ne, I didn't quite catch the name."

Extending a hand out with his answer, Ruki awkwardly stared at it, hesitating to shake the stranger's hand, but doing it anyways. "I'm Suzuki Akira."

"Ah Akira, yoroshiku onegai shimasu(please to meet you)."

"Same." Both bowing in introduction, the two rose up at the same time. "So Matsumoto, I figure you don't recognize me, or you've never seen me before?"

"Yeah, sorry I haven't."

"Well that's okay, it's actually a good thing you don't know me then..."

"Uh," Slightly confused by Akira's statement, Ruki resumed their conversation. "Anyways Akira, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, uhm...nothing in particular." He muttered in a soft tone, eyes directing to Uruha, who was watching the two carefully.

"Really? Then I don't understand why you wanted me."

"W-We're already getting to t-that reason?" Asked Akira, eyes meeting Ruki's again.

"Uh...gomen nasai Akira-san: I'm not sure what's going on. What's your business for being here?" Somewhat annoyed with Akira's shyness, and his beating-around-the-bush behavior. Ruki crossed his arms in disapproval, raising one eye-brow in curiosity.

"Damn well uhm--I kinda needed to...well, not needed to but I...Er, you know what? Showing you will be easier." Shortly after informing the antsy brunette, Akira swung his backpack in-front of his body, unzipping the biggest pocket. Afraid of what the concealed item might be, Ruki's eyes rapidly caught Uruha's--who then proceeded to stand, along with the other guys. But to everyone's surprise, Akira pulled out something completely opposite to a weapon. Nervously shoving his gift to Ruki's hands, his eyes fell to the ground, as he properly readjusted his backpack onto himself again.

"A bouquet?" Ruki breathlessly questioned astonished by the beauty and perfection of it. Matured and flawless crimson roses, all bundled together by light blue wrapping paper. The aroma from the flowers were soothing and natural...and fresh. Astonished by the unique and lively gift, Ruki finally snapped himself out of his trance, and focused on the gift bearer. "This is beautiful! Who is it from Akira? A class mate, a sister?"

"It's not from a class mate, nor my sister: she's actually in high-school."

Puzzled by Akira's response, Ruki blinked a few times with a blank expression. "Oh okay," He started in a disappointed tone. "then who exactly is this from?"

Akira's eyes stayed glued on the pavement beneath him, a slight blush spreading through his cheeks. Hesitating to answer, Akira allowed Ruki to attempt to figure out who the bouquet was from. After a few moments of silence, pondering and exchanged glances: the taller teen sighed heavily, bringing his gaze up towards Ruki's, eyes meeting. "There uhm, actually from me."

Eyes widen in response, and within an instant the group began muttering remarks aloud, which was full of confusion. Uruha's eye-brow perked, arms crossed with his reaction. Yet somehow, as the blond and his friends were buying Akira's answer, the brunette still remained still and baffled.

His grip strengthening around the bouquet, Ruki's attention traveled back down to the breath-taking gift, eyes intently studying the elegant detail and soft texture of each rose petal. A few moments of not replying, the younger grader pulled his gaze away from the flowers, and rested in upon Akira's expression---which was obviously timid mixed with regret. Attempting to read his face and figure out, whether or not this was serious. Ruki cleared his throat and proceeded wit his retort.

"For me?"

Akira's frightened expression remained intact, as he gently nodded, the blush growing brighter. "Do you l-like it?"

Lips parting in preparation for his answer, Ruki resumed studying the utterly perfect state the bundle of flowers were in, forgetting to respond to Akira's question. Shaking out of his mesmerized trance, Ruki returned his attention back to Akira's direction. "I love it."

Confusion automatically washed his face, as Ruki tried to put together pieces of unfinished statements. Why was it that he was given this? And out of all people---why would Akira do it? "I'm a bit lost though. Why is this for me, and why from you? I'm not on a sports team or anything, so why me?"

Eyes watch Akira's body-language shift from anxiety, directly to shyness as his head snapped else-where, taking one step back. By this moment, his head snapped else-where, taking one step back. By this moment, the group's murmuring became more louder, and spectators grew more perplexed by this entire situation. Yet still Uruha stood casually with-out any trouble, as if he waiting for--or expecting the worst. Aoi couldn't help but watch, and actually care about what was going on, the chewing of his lunch increasingly slowing down. Ruki on-the-hand, brought himself away from the out-coming frenzy and oddness, of his conversation with Akira, and drew back the distracting bouquet.

"Akira, are you still there?"

"Yeah...I am." Allowing himself a few more seconds, then suddenly the quite teen shakily ran one hair through his hair, the other free hand pulling at his gakuran's collar. As if that was the relieve him of his nervousness, or the swear building onto Akira's awkward presence, as he sorted himself out physically.

But his struggle to adapt to his half-ass answers, failed inevitably. Tussling his uniformed hair with both hands, Akira groaned with a swear at his inability to express himself truthfully. "Fuck man, what the hell is wrong with me?" The grader rhetorically questioned, a sharp drag of breath  proceeding after-wards. Shocked at his sudden change in attitudes, Ruki stepped forward and then placed one hand on Akira's shoulder, shaking him gently to catch his attention. "What's wrong Akira?"

Not much of a coherent was expected, and the troubled teen continued to curse and swear viciously under his breath--the others watching, including Uruha and Aoi suspecting they were dealing with a loony.

"A-Akira, if the gift is originally  from a secret admirer: you don't have to say who it's from."

Patiently  waiting for a reaction of some sort, the others watched him closely, the brunette attempting to catch Akira's gaze. After a good moment of uninterrupted silence, Ruki slowly backed away, mouthing off "what should I do?" to the blond friend of his watching. Before thinking of a way to , to take himself out of this situation, Akira finally spoke after he spend the quiet moments collecting his thoughts. "I...I'm not just not right."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

Turning away from Ruki completely, Akira began reaching for his belongings, stumbling upon small items, hands nervously grabbing a hold of his things. "Fuck man, like honestly. What the fuck is wrong with me?" Viciously swinging his back pack off, Akira proceeded to drag the heavy item instead. Before Ruki or the others could think of anything to say, the taller grader slightly brought his head up. "I'm just not right in the head..." Mumbling his last statement, Akira jetted for the door, a voice interrupting him.


The exclamation caught the attention of everyone, Akira's grip on the door handle loosening. Swallowing the growing lump anxiety in his throat, he slowly turned to face him, replying with a meekly "hai?"

"Look Akira, I promise whatever the real reason is for the gift, I won't tell anyone! The guys won't either, okay?"

It was as if the petrified teen was deaf; surely Ruki had reassured him that whatever the truth was, it was safe with everyone. But there was absolutely no reaction or response--at-least not immediately. Nervously combing his hair out of his hidden face, Akira's posture slumped in defeat as he found theoretically stuck in a corner. "Please just forget everything: I'm not right in the head and...I'm sorry for causing a disturbance."

"Akira please, just be straight-forward: what are the flowers for?"

"I'm just pathetic okay? I honestly thought I'd be able to do this, especially before the break and---again I-I'm just fucking..." His sadden eyes locked with Ruki's, his stomach churning in anxiety to the sudden gaze. "I'm just fucking pathetic."

"Akira...?" Ruki asked in a soft voice.

Breathing in roughly, Akira cleared his throat, after-wards walking over to Ruki's direction, feeling the gaze of the others drilling holes into the back of his head. Approaching the other grader, his grip found the straps of his back pack, strengthening as he began to say something. "Ruki..." The following sentence finished up in an detached mumble.

"Huh? What was that Akira?"

Another mumble was his response, Ruki's eyes noticing the tension in his fists. "Akira, onegai speak up!"

The teen repeated the mumbling, anger forming in his voice. "Akira I can't----"

"I like you!"
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